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Luxury development comprised of Family Homes at Land At Thorley House, Bishops Stortford

Embracing Simplicity and Collaborative Design, Land At Thorley House, Bishops Stortford

SPD Studio (Sustainable Planning Design Studio) is thrilled to present this case study that exemplifies our commitment to excellence in sustainable design—in collaboration with SJT Developments Ltd.

Illustrated site layout design for architectural project
Proposed site layout for project

As an interdisciplinary consultancy studio specialising in architecture, planning, and engineering, SPD Studio embarked on an eye-opening project to design 9 luxurious family homes on the prestigious Land At Thorley House, nestled in the charming town of Bishops Stortford.

SPD Studio follows a meticulous approach guided by the RIBA Stages of Work, ensuring a comprehensive solution for every project with a sustainable twist. Our interdisciplinary approach enables SPD Studio to offer various services and undertake diverse project types and developments, delivering high-quality design.

Proposed Street Scenes Image A-C
Street Scenes Image A-C

The architectural team at SPD Studio, led by Jack Baron with a group of training and chartered RIBA architects, brings a wealth of expertise to the table. With a commitment to sustainable infrastructure and the built environment, SPD Studio's engineering team takes a holistic, design-led approach, ensuring efficient and sustainable solutions integration.

SPD Studio's planning team offers expert guidance through the complexities of planning. With a wealth of experience overseeing projects and supporting clients throughout the planning process, the team provides invaluable assistance from initial appraisal to the management of planning applications.

During the design process, the team had to overcome many hurdles to finalise the project as it sits today, the main one being the amount of existing mature trees and vegetation on site. Beginning the scheme design with a site of 27 units, cutting down to the 9-family homes allowed for most of the foliage and trees to remain as part of the scheme. Creating a biodiversity corridor through the site as proposed. Maintaining the thick woodland to the east of the site ensured that habitats remained in tact, as well as allowing for bird and bat boxes within the plots for the continued link with nature. Creating a site linked to the neighbouring St.James Park that is in construction was essential to the design process, ensuring that this scheme fitted seamlessly with this up-and-coming area of Bishops Stortford.

The designs for the houses were key, as to suit the area as existing, with a lot of heritage buildings surrounding the site, namely the Grade II listed building to the rear of the site, Thorley House. To complement this building and the surrounding heritage, gables were designed into the dwellings, as well as blackboarded garages to remain in keeping. This led to a traditional style development that remains subservient to the existing heritage buildings around.

Street scenes varied view
Street scenes varied view

SPD Studio's mission is to achieve lasting relationships, exceptional value, and high-quality design for our clients while positively impacting communities and the environment. SPD Studio's brand identity is a reflection of our core principles. Through carefully considering the site's surroundings and a full approach that integrates architecture, planning, and engineering, SPD Studio has crafted nine luxurious family homes that seamlessly blend rustic and contemporary design.

Further updates and insights will be shared as SPD Studio continues to go through the field of sustainable architecture engineering and planning.

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