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Meet Our Team: Q&A with Parisa, recently qualified Architect

Welcome to our interview with our newly qualified architect Parisa Shahnooshi! We had the pleasure of supporting her following this significant milestone in her career.

As a studio we are invested in our staff's career trajectory and support in their interests. Parisa has acquired a broad range of knowledge and incorporates her interests and creativity into our everyday lives. On top of her practice, she mentors architecture students with Narrative Practice, assisting them with knowledge, advice, and know-how.

We take a look into SPD Studio, and the future of technology in architecture. We'll be discussing her journey in the field and the challenges of transitioning from student to professional. We're looking forward to learning more about her unique perspectives for the future generation.

"Parisa is a great asset to our team. She has a unique eye for design and is able to quickly come up with creative solutions to solve our clients problems." - Jack Baron, Design Director

"As a newly qualified architect, I am excited to use my knowledge and skills to create meaningful spaces that inspire and enrich the lives of people everywhere."- Parisa Shahnooshi, Architect

What made you want to become an architect?

How do you find working at a smaller studio as a newly qualified architect?

I didn't actually I'll be honest, I didn't want to be an architect. I wanted to be a graphic designer, but I wanted to be in the art field, in the art industry and I didn't want to be just stuck with one option of artist design daily behind it. What makes a space, what makes a place, that's what my masters degree was primarily based on. It's the story behind every dwelling that keeps me interested.

It's a great experience to have because you're involved in every single part of the project and you have a lot more responsibility whereas in other bigger practices you might not necessarily be involved as much based on the project. That's what we do here.

​What made you want to join SPD Studio in terms of architectural reputation?

How do you see technology impacting the field of architecture in the future?

I was approached by Jack. I quite like the fact that it was a part of the company and used to be part of the growth but it was also very different to what I got experience on. Before working in London, my experience was based on high end residential projects. Whereas here you're working very closely with the developers.

We could definitely use technology to help us design better things like our 3D model. It just gives you a sense of better understanding, I think. But moving forward, things like AI, mid journey things that we have been looking at recently, I think we can hundred percent help with our at least with the process of design.

What have you enjoyed most about working at the studio so far?

Do you feel able to achieve the right work-life balance?

We have our own engineering team and we have the planning team. I feel like quite different companies that I work at. I think it's really good because you get to learn about engineering, planning, and vice-verse and working closely with them in-house being a huge success

I think so. And that's what I like here. We set realistic deadlines and surprisingly we happen to leave on time where other companies not so much. And I think it's very healthy and important to have that balance.

What is SPD Studios sense of community or us feel?

Do you have ‘one big design and architecture goal’?

It almost feels like a family feel because we started a small group and we're growing as well as the company at the same time as the company, which I think quite nice. And you feel part of every step of it. Not just the project but also the company.

One of the goals I have is to be part of a bigger community and actually make a change. I like to make or design spaces and places quite meaningful. And my second goal not necessarily to do with architecture itself in terms of buildings and designing, but more in the sense that I want to carry on being a mentor and helping the younger generations understand the field of architecture better and giving them the opportunities that I necessarily didn't have at architecture school.

Do you hope to be more involved with projects or leading more designs?

Outside of SPD Studio, how do you contribute you experience and creativity to the future of architecture?

To be honest, both I like leading the project but because I studied architecture I want to be involved in the design side of it. I do understand you can't do everything, and once I have enough experience id feel more comfortable leading projects but right now, currently I'm quite happy with design side of it.

I've been mentoring on the side for the last years, taking on private students, helping them with simple things such as portfolio reviews or CV reviews, or getting them even ready for interviews. Moving forward, I'd like to carry that on.

What has been your biggest challenge in transitioning from student to professional?

Taking responsibility, that's been the biggest challenge. And trusting your own decision.


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