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SPD Studio’s new zero-emission galactic ship

As part of our commitment to create a sustainable future, SPD Studio has welcomed its first Zero emission vehicle to the Studio: the first of the SPD Studio EV fleet.

Meet our newest addition to the SPD Studio team.

Managing Director Dean Cadby is among the first at SPD to join the EV plan, with proactive considerations for sustainability and the environment we live and work.

With our projects spanning from Colchester, across the East of England and into Greater London, our engineers, architects, and planners often travel to sites and meetings to better understand a project and its parameters.

In an economy accelerating towards sustainability and the adoption of electric cars, SPD Studio are harnessing innovative technology to meet the demand of our environmental goals and aspirations. Our head office in Essex is powered by renewable energy and we are pleased that our ethics also align with the sustainable goals of Polestar.

Polestar focuses on climate neutrality, circularity, transparency, and inclusion as their drivers for sustainable development, which wholly align with SPD Studios' goals and missions for reaching Net Zero. This EV alone could save up to 32 tonnes of CO2e when run on 100% renewable energy over its lifetime, compared to a similar combustion engine vehicle. The vehicle also features innovative materials aiming to reduce its carbon footprint.

Being design-led, SPD Studio also understands the importance of materiality in design, be it the fabric within a building or material reuse for a sizable earthworks project; we consider the carbon impact at every stage of a project’s life-cycle.

SPD Studio is always looking for innovation and inspiration; here, we look at the design and great sustainability goals and focus on recycling and reusability that contribute to a sustainable future.


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