Town Planning

Our experienced planning consultancy team are committed to support our clients achieve their goals. Having previously worked in both the private and public sector, we have a vast amount of experience and expertise with Local Planning Authorities within the South-East of England and across the UK. Utilising our knowledge of the planning system, we keep our clients up to date on all elements of constantly changing policies and any associated emerging opportunities. As a team, we oversee the entire planning process, and pulling together supporting consultant reports and surveys where necessary. From initial consultation right through to the submission of robust planning applications, our highly qualified team will be there to support you. 


The initial consultation will involve meeting with one of our experienced Town Planners at your proposed application site location. During this meeting, we’ll go through your brief and gain a clear understanding of your vision and ideas for the project. You’ll be able to ask any questions that you may have too. This meeting will also be an opportunity to discuss your budget, where we see any planning opportunities and any potential constraints. These discussions will enable us to determine the best planning strategy for your project. After this meeting, we’ll follow up with a quote for the services that you require. 


Once we’ve received acceptance of our fee and we’ve been instructed to proceed, we will move onto the next stage of our process. We will begin to assess local and national planning policy, depending on the scale of application. Depending on the nature the application we will also begin to obtain pre-application Planning Advice should we recommend. We will pull together a project team should it be needed to support the application, such as Ecologists and Arboriculturists. These surveys will help inform the scheme and begin to contribute to the planning strategy.


Once any required reports and surveys have been completed, we’ll begin to draft preliminary concept design proposals. These will include architectural drawings which detail floor plans, elevations and material ideas. Here at SPD Studio, we take great pride in our collaborative approach. This means that we work closely with our clients to maximise efficiency, deliver objectives and ensure that their vision comes to life. So, you can rest assured that our design team will liaise with you and discuss every aspect of the scheme. At this stage we’ll agree a route to Building Regulations compliance. In the final stage of our planning process, we’ll make any required amendments to the planning drawings and supporting documentation prepared in earlier stages. We’ll ensure that our drawings and Statements are finalised to suit statutory planning requirements and building regulations. We will respond to any local authority queries to ensure that the submission is valid and any queries that are raised during the determination period. If any 3D visual representations are required to complete the application, we can provide these too. These may only be required in certain circumstances, for example, if it’s a complex build. However, as well as assisting a planning application, these can be useful to help visualise how the project will look upon completion. 

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