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Planning Team meeting

Planning | Expert guidance through the complexities of planning

Planning approach

Town planners at SPD Studio are essential to successful projects. SPD Studios planners are responsible for understanding a project's context and objectives and are integral in developing a plan that meets the client's goals. We work across the entire RIBA stages to ensure that a project is planned, designed, and managed most efficiently and effectively. Through close analysis of the stakeholders and their needs, town planners create a comprehensive plan that considers the project's overall objectives. Our approach to a project involves thorough research and consultation with stakeholders, consideration of local and national planning policies, and analysis of the site's potential. Our town planners are a vital part of the project team, ensuring that the project objectives are met while adhering to relevant regulations and policies.
Some of the factors that planning applications must cover include the sustainability of the site, an assessment of whether or not the presence of solar farms will endanger the environment, and considering ecological and socio-economic factors.



Our experienced planning consultancy team are committed to support our clients achieve their goals. Having previously worked in both the private and public sector, we have a vast amount of experience and expertise with Local Planning Authorities within the South-East of England and across the UK.

Planning Team


The initial consultation will involve meeting with one of our experienced Town Planners at your proposed application site location. During this meeting, we’ll go through your brief and gain a clear understanding of your vision and ideas for the project.  This meeting will also be an opportunity to discuss your budget, where we see any planning opportunities and any potential constraints.

Consultation discussions

Pre applicaiton advice

We assess local and national planning policy, depending on the scale of application. Depending on the nature the application we will also begin to obtain pre-application Planning Advice should we recommend. We will pull together a project team should it be needed to support the application, such as Ecologists and Arboriculturists

Town Planner using planning portal

Planning Application

We provide the necessary guidance and resources to help ensure that the planning application is successful. We also provide advice and assistance for the entire planning application process, from the initial submission to the final decision of the planning department. 

3D model and representation of project


Structure single and hexa structure
Structure single mark
Structure single mark
Structure single mark

Our Town Planners, Engineers and Architects are essential in creating sustainable communities. By working collaboratively, we can devise ways to improve our impact on the environment, including the effects of development, while ensuring that the project meets the needs of those living and working in the area and the client.

We at SPD Studio believe that collaboration between our team and our clients is essential to ensure successful outcomes. We use a variety of approaches to ensure that all stakeholders have the opportunity to provide input and receive feedback throughout the project. 

We strive to create an environment that encourages creative thinking and open communication and allows for the successful implementation of ideas. Ultimately, our collaborative processes are essential for achieving our clients' highest success, and we are committed to providing the best possible service for them.

By working together, Town Planners, Engineers, and Architects can create sustainable communities that meet the needs of the people who live and work there from a single site. 

Silverstone race track solar panels

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Guiding you through the complexities of the planning system at every stage

Please contact our Associate Town Planner, Nikki

Please get in touch with one of our planning team to begin your proposal process.

Nikki Dawney Associate town planner
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