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Celebrating Our Studio's Excellence: Josephine-the Creative Force

We are excited to announce our new addition to the studio, Josephine Harkins RIBA. As an accomplished architect, interior designer, and artist, Josephine has over three decades of experience, displaying a remarkable ability to transform clients' thoughts and aspirations into captivating and inspiring built environments.

Woman sitting at table with plant
Josephine Harkins

Since joining our studio in July, Jo has led the initial feasibility stages of various projects, expressing her exceptional talent for freehand sketching concept designs to bring the vision to life! Her passion for architecture and interior design and unique talent make her an indispensable asset to our studio and clients.

The Artistry -image

While having an exceptional talent for designing beautiful aesthetics and designs, what sets Josephine apart is her ability to truly listen, understand, and fulfil our client's visions, objectives, and goals. Josephine believes architecture should be a visual delight and resonate with the client's ambience, emotions, goals, and character. Her designs are a testament to her deep understanding of this philosophy.

Feasibility Sketch drawn on paper
Feasibility Sketch

Architecture as an Experience -image

Josephine's perspective on architecture is refreshing and enlightening. She firmly believes that architecture should be a source of pleasure for everyone involved in the process - the architect, the client, and the builder. For her, every project is an opportunity to craft an experience that brings joy and respect to all stakeholders. This approach has not only led to the creation of stunning architectural masterpieces. Still, it has brought to light the creative force we celebrate at the studio and provides a sense of collaboration and satisfaction among the project team.

Beyond the Studio -image

While Josephine's professional life is filled with artistic pursuits, her interests are equally engaging. She treasures spending quality time with her family and beloved dogs outside work. Her passion for art extends to her family, as she enjoys creating portraits of her loved ones when they grant her the privilege.

Feasibility sketch aerial view drawing
Feasibility sketch aerial view

In the words of Josephine herself, 'Architecture is a pleasure to be enjoyed by both Architect, Client, and Builder. Project making should be an experience of joy and respect.' We couldn't agree more and are excited to have her as an integral part of our team.


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