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Sustainable approach to every stage of the building lifecycle

At SPD Studio, we are dedicated to creating cities and communities that are truly inclusive. Safe, resilient and sustainable for now and in the future. We know our mission is bigger than us and will take a collective effort from all members within our wider community.

UN sustainability Goals  number 11
Sustainability development goals logo

99% of the world's urban population breathe polluted air according to the World Health Organisation. We actively counteract our material pollution as much as possible in our design processes to project completion.

Our company is dedicated to sustainable growth and development, with a focus on mental health and the future of our planet. As part of our dedication to the future of our teams, we take part in wellbeing and first aid training as well as our team championing out Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policy throughout the business promoting better living and
mental health.


We are proud of our commitment to mental health and have implemented programs, and initiatives to ensure our employees have access to the support and resources they need.

Solar Panels on Rooftop


Sedum Roof on project sustainable


We are committed to sustainability and creating a circular economy, incorporating sustainable materials into our designs, minimising waste, and using renewable energy sources to reduce our environmental footprint.


Our teams work together to understand the constraints of a site and pull together a programme and sustainability goals for every project. We strive to facilitate our clients and partners to adopt sustainability, and innovative new solutions to create a better future. As part of our designs, we provide passive heating and cooling solutions, harnessing a site’s environment and natural features and raising awareness to the client.

Spd studio structure
Spd studio structure

Climate change is a worldwide concern and is the issue at the core of everything we do at SPD Studio. The legislation sets architecture, planning, engineering and design as cornerstones of environmental conservation and the sustainable principles are firmly ingrained within our organisation’s values and company structure. 


Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the work that we do, whereby we actively encourage our staff to make greener choices and live sustainably too. All SPD Studio employees have access to cycle to work and electric car salary schemes to contribute to our united goal of achieving net zero.

Electric Charging Station

As a business and a community, we have an innate responsibility to protect the world for future generations. It’s imperative that we embed sustainable strategies and designs for built environments as we transition to net zero. Our approach is formally outlined in our corporate sustainability policy, which can be provided on request.

Spd studio structure
Spd studio structure
Spd studio structure


We’re always looking for new opportunities. Please get in touch and one of our project managers will contact you about beginning the proposal process.

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